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Eggshell and Ivory: The Importance Of Our G7 Color Matching Technology

January 26, 2015 - Posted by The Decal Source

TDS-Photo-018If you Google the phrase “importance of branding,” it only takes 0.41 seconds to find over 33 million different pages on the subject. It’s no secret that having a well designed brand is an essential building block of any business. You can pay thousands of dollars to have the perfect logo created just for your business. Unfortunately, so many business owners don’t protect their branding investment, allowing their logo to be put on their company’s vehicles with mismatched colors, losing the look they worked so hard for.


Training Success at The Decal Source

October 25, 2012 - Posted by The Decal Source

Constantly growing and implementing new technology to better serve our customers, in order to maintain the knowledge required to fuel new technology, our employees take part in many forms of professional training.

Recently Grant Meeker, one of TDS Pre-Press technicians, attended and completed a Color Management Boot Camp workshop given by the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association. This workshop took place in SGIA’s state-of-the-art laboratory located in Fairfax, VA. The focused, small-class setting allowed him to master Color Management, learn from the industry’s top instructors and walk away with the confidence and skill needed to provide the highest quality color management of The Decal Source printing process.

Some of the training included:

  • Color management concepts
  • Print standards and specifications
  • Color measurement instrumentation and profiling software
  • Instruction for device calibration and media profiling
  • Software for profile viewing and quality control

Grant was able to expand his knowledge of color theory and principles, device calibration, plus learn the newest print standards and how to use them to improve customer satisfaction.

Congratulations to Grant for his hard work and a well earned certification in color management.

Way to Make It Happen Grant!


Grant Meeker, TDS Pre-Press Technician