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Brand Management: Define. Position. Deliver.

May 4, 2015 - Posted by The Decal Source

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.47.53 PMEvery company wants two things:

  1. A loyal customer base and;
  2. A steady influx of new business

Securing these two groups is the simple recipe for sustained success. Easier said than
done, right?

You probably realize this is where your marketing comes into play. Strategic marketing initiatives are almost always valuable for growth, but have you considered how important they are for fostering loyalty among your current customers? At The Decal Source, we help companies across a wide variety of industries market to their current customer base, as well as their prospective clients. What’s the best way to kill these two birds with one stone, you might ask? We say, through proper brand management.


Defining the term.

In our own words, brand management means caring about how your brand is perceived by customers, and working diligently to maintain a positive image in your business community. For many, this removes the pressure of always searching for something “new.” By focusing on a consistent, well-crafted image of your company, you can more effectively promote loyalty, assuring your customers that you care about delivering a consistent experience. For example, Coca-Cola is one of the most valuable brands in the world, yet they are also one of the most unchanged, using essentially the same logo for over 100 years. Spending billions of dollars on advertising every year, their focus is not on gaining exposure, but rather simply maintaining and managing the reputation of the Coca-Cola brand.


Positioning your brand.

Now that you know a little bit about brand management, you are probably thinking about how well you’re doing. Whether you handle marketing internally or trust an outside agency to execute on your behalf, brand management must be considered. Positioning your brand in the minds of your customers isn’t a one-step process. It starts with a thoughtful approach to who your customer is. Ask yourself, what are my target customer’s greatest needs, and how am I uniquely equipped to meet those needs? This will help you define or refine your message – encompassing everything from your colors, logo, and tagline to your signage and other marketing supports.


Delivering the support.

Since you’ve now considered your customer’s needs and how your brand illustrates your ability to meet them, well-executed marketing efforts can be produced. The Decal Source helps companies in Burlington, N.C., and throughout the Triad with products like vehicle wraps, signage, tradeshow/event displays, vinyl graphics and much more. And because we understand the importance of brand management, every product goes through an intensive review process. From color matching and design to printing and installation, we ensure your brand is painting a consistent, positive image in the eyes of your customers.


Partner with us.

The Decal Source can help you develop, monitor and drive your brand towards success. Our team of talented designers and branding specialists will partner with your business to promote loyalty and growth. We care about your brand integrity, and possess the knowledge and skills to ensure it is never compromised. Contact us today at (336) 574-3141 to learn more.