Thinking About
A Car Wrap?

Turn heads with a unique design, or update your car with a simple solid color

Thinking About
A Car Wrap?

Turn heads with a unique design, or update your car with a simple solid color

Vehicle Wraps Greensboro,NC

So you’ve scored your dream car but couldn’t get it in your top color choice. This is reality for many, as luxury brands and sports cars are typically only made in a few colors. With high-quality vehicle wraps from 3M, you don’t have to be limited by stock paint any longer. We can apply a full wrap on your vehicle in any color or finish you can imagine. Individuality is priceless, but there are numerous value-preserving benefits to vehicle wrapping a high-end car or truck. Whether you want a solid color or a unique design, we can create a product that will turn heads each time you hit the road.

Your Vision Brought to Life

Color is one of the first things people notice about a vehicle. If you love your car but not the color, it’s time your vision was brought to life. The Decal Source has a team of designers that can help you choose from hundreds of colors, shades, and textures including matte, pearlescent, and metallic. If you want to add some flair with fun car wrap ideas, we can design custom car wraps with graphic elements that reflect your own unique style.

Ultimate Flexibility

Do you like to change up your look from time to time? Vehicle wraps give you the flexibility to do just that using high quality, long lasting adhesive vinyl. Our high-quality 3M materials are durable bu can bet easily removed by a professional without any damage. Many car owners choose to sport one color for a few years, then breathe new life into their vehicle with a fresh vinyl car wrap. You can even mix it up by getting a partial wrap opposed to a full wrap. Below are the different options you can choose from:

  • Full-body wrap
  • Roof only wrap
  • Hood only wrap
  • Cockpit wrap (entire canopy including pillars of windows)
  • Bumper only wrap
  • Doors only wrap
  • Grille only wrap
  • Trunk only wrap
  • Vinyl graphics and more!

Some prefer to add a pop of color to help them stand-out even more by wrapping only the grille or roof of the vehicle. When it comes to vinyl wrapping, the possibilities are endless!

Enhanced Protection

Did you know that a vinyl vehicle wrap can protect your vehicle? Whether your car is brand new or has a few dings from regular driving, a vehicle wrap will uphold the value. In fact, it’s extremely wise to wrap your high-end vehicle shortly after purchasing it to maintain the integrity of the factory paint. Vinyl wraps are also great for covering minor scuffs and scratches, making any car look brand new.

Partial vehicle wraps are a great way to protect different parts of your vehicle, such as bumpers (the most exposed and abused part of nearly every vehicle). Additionally, vinyl doesn’t fade, so if you have to change out specific panels of the vinyl due to damage, the replacement piece will match the originally installed vinyl. 

To further extend the life of your car vinyl, we recommend the following:

Proper Preparation - Before your car or truck is wrapped, it needs to undergo a two-step cleaning process. The vehicle owner performs the first step by thoroughly washing the vehicle with appropriate cleaner and non-scratch towels or sponges. Make sure to clean even areas that may not get wrapped. Our team will then perform a deep cleaning of the vehicle before the wrap is applied.

Proper Care - One of the best things you can do for your vinyl wrap is to wash it frequently. Make sure to use vinyl-appropriate washing solutions. Also, do not use protectants (wax or polish) as they are made for metal and may cause your wrap to fade. With proper care, your 3M car wrap should last up to 7 years.

Company Vehicle Advertising Made Easy

Custom vinyl car wrappings are typically about half the cost of getting your vehicle painted. It is an affordable and easy way to add eye catching branding and mobile advertising to your commercial fleet vehicles. No truck, van or vehicle is too big. Our team of installers can wrap anything, including RVs and boats. Plus, the original factory paint will be protected, allowing you to resell the vehicle much easier later on. 

Let Us Install Your Color Change Car Wrap

Forget about getting an expensive new paint job, custom vehicle wraps and graphics are the better way to go. The Decal Source in Greensboro, NC uses the highest quality 3M materials, but ultimately, it is the installation technique that delivers the optimal end result. We are a 3M and PDAA-Certified company with a climate-controlled installation facility on site. Don’t trust your sports car wrap to anyone. Contact us today to get your questions regarding car wrap prices or design styles answered.

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