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Professional Color Matching Services

Color matching is paramount for creating high-quality graphics and print products. With G7 system certification, The Decal Source employs the most advanced technology and controls to produce your colors in perfect form. Our team of color matching specialists has years of experience in printing, color management and quality control.

Whether you need a logo designed or a large decal created, we can efficiently complete the project, producing a strong visual match to your current materials. Our team is able to match Pantone colors and uses sample products to create consistency for customers. Many clients are surprised to learn that gray is the most difficult color to match, but our G7 certification ensures that we can print a balanced gray every time.

If you have a sample, we can match it.

Some samples are digital while others are tangible products. Either way, we intensively analyze and match each unique color. The Decal Source has created hundreds of color charts and cards over the years. As we receive samples, we constantly create new swatches and develop unique color cards for our clients. Your color card will follow your project from start to finish. Every step of the way, someone is comparing and analyzing to assure quality. Even after lamination, your color will be matched true.

The Decal Source is sensitive to light temperatures and takes product placement into consideration throughout the color matching process. We can even create a range of close matches for the customer to view in their own space.

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