Manufacturer Brand Management Programs

Season after season, millions of race fans show up and tune in to watch their heroes fly around the track in pursuit of the checkered flag…and season after season, sponsors hitch their brands to drivers and teams in pursuit of consumer loyalty.

It costs a lot to go racing. Without sponsorship, most teams wouldn’t make it to the starting line. The brands who invest in exposure demand that their logos, messages and images are presented with consistency and quality.

That’s why The Decal Source provides Manufacturer Brand Management Programs – to uphold and assure that integrity of a sponsor’s brand across a variety of applications.

For example, The Decal Source is the supplier of Toyota and Toyota Racing Development (TRD) manufacturer branding decals to NASCAR, NHRA, and ARCA. We provide the branding identity kits and graphically reproduce headlights, taillights, grills and emblems into decals. Additionally, we provide inventory management and fulfillment of custom decal kits, as well as wrap design and on-site 3M certified installation of for the pace car, grand marshal and driver introduction trucks. This unified, single-source solution gives Toyota, Toyota Racing Development and its sponsored teams peace of mind as they focus on race day preparation.

If you are interested in exploring manufacturer brand management programs, contact The Decal Source to get the conversation started.