How To Install A Decal
With Transfer Tape

Install Instructions

Step 1: Prepare Surface and Decal

Use a damp cloth to clean the surface of any residue or dust particles. This is important to ensure vinyl adhesion. If the surface has recently been painted, you need to allow the paint to cure for at least 2 weeks before installing the decal. Unroll decal and lay on a flat hard surface. Use squeegee or credit card on both sides of the decal to smooth out any wrinkles. If the decal will not lay flat, you can weigh it down with books.

Step: 2 Position Decal on Surface

Use painter’s tape or masking tape on the corners of the decal. Make sure the decal is placed in the desired position. Use a level or tape measure to make sure the decal is straight. When the decal is level and in the correct position use one long strip of tape and place it down the middle (shortest distance) of the decal to create a hinge.

Step: 3 Transfer Decal to Surface

With the decal taped to the surface, detach one side of the decal. Fold the decal over the center line and carefully peel back the backing paper then cut away the backing paper. If you run into instances where the decal remains on the backing, lay the decal flat against the surface and push the decal into the tape with your finger until it sticks. Take your time and do not rush the process. Using a squeegee or credit card in a smooth sweeping motion moving from the center out push the decal against the surface. Remember to work from the center outwards to avoid any bubbles. After finished with one side, remove the center tape line and repeat the process with the other side. If you are applying to a rough surface, you may need to wrap the squeegee in a soft cloth for better application.

Step: 4 Remove Transfer Tape

After the decal has been squeegeed onto the wall begin to slowly peel the transfer tape off the decal. Start with the top corners and SLOWLY peel downward onto itself. DO NOT pull the tape at a 45-90 degree angle this may pull the decal off the surface. Pull the transfer tape at 180 degrees to minimize the decal sticking to the transfer tape. If this happens, stop and rub the decal back onto the surface with your finger.

Special Considerations

Weather: In extreme weather conditions vinyl might not apply as well on exterior walls or in places like a garage or tool shed. Vinyl applies best in temperatures between 60-80 degrees. If the surface is too cold, vinyl will not stick well and may cause the vinyl to tear. If the surface feels cold you may want to warm up first. If the surface is too hot or in direct sunlight the decal may be too sticky and become difficult to install or ruin the decal.

Wall Texture: Decals may not stick well to highly textured surfaces. To achieve the best adhesion possible on a textured surface, after you remove the transfer tape, use your fingers or a soft cloth to very gently run the decal into the grooves of your texture.

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