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The Power Of Signage – How A Simple Sign Can Get People Coming Through The Door

January 29, 2015 - Posted by The Decal Source

A lot goes into getting your business noticed, and there’s never any shortage of options. From social media campaigns to traditional advertising like TV and radio, it can be easy to get pulled in a dozen different directions trying to get customers into your business. With all of these options vying for your dollar everyday, sometimes the best option is what is tried and true. High quality, well-designed signage is a marketing stalwart that can be as effective today as it ever was.


“Follow the Yellow Brick Road”: The Effectiveness of Floor Graphics

January 21, 2015 - Posted by The Decal Source


Finding a way to make your business or brand stand out among the masses can be a constant challenge. Quickly rising in popularity, floor graphics are an out-of-the-box option to promote your message in a unique way and quickly grab your audience’s attention. Aside from their traditional placement on the floor, designs can also be placed on walls, stairs and stairwells, outside, and even the ceiling.

Using detailed, vibrant images, floor graphic displays enable you to promote an event, reach your customers as they shop, direct traffic, create brand identity, or even decorate for a special event.


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August 29, 2012 - Posted by The Decal Source

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