Sign Material Comparison Chart

When it comes to sign materials used for printing, you have options. A lot of options. So many options that it may even be a bit overwhelming if you don’t usually spend all day thinking about sign materials and printing. In an effort to make the printing process easier for you, a comparison chart of some of the most common sign materials can be found below.

Despite their singular function of providing information, there are huge variations in sign materials. These differences depend just as much on intention as they do on environmental factors. Is the sign going to be displayed indoors or outside? Is it a permanent fixture, or does it need to be portable? Will it be a temporary or long term display? How much exposure will this sign have to the elements?

If you are on the market for a custom sign, undoubtedly you have already asked yourself some of these questions, among others. There is no “best” sign material for every project. Finding the perfect sign board material will always depend upon your needs, budget, and intention. Based on the common questions we receive from customers about sign materials, we have evaluated and compared some of the most common sign materials for your reference.



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