Custom Fleet Wraps
& Graphics

Commercial fleet vehicle wraps can protect your company's vehicles, boost brand awareness, and generate leads.

Custom Fleet Wraps
& Graphics

Commercial fleet vehicle wraps can protect your company's vehicles, boost brand awareness, and generate leads.

Wrap your fleet in full-color graphics

Whether you've got five vehicles in your fleet or 100, every time your cars, vans, trucks, trailers, or buses hit the road, they send a message about your brand. If designed, printed, and installed properly, fleet vehicle graphics can give your brand a level of polish, professionalism, and promotion that a "standard-issue paint job" can never achieve.

Since 1998, the professionals at The Decal Source have wrapped thousands of commercial vehicles. The key to applying graphics to large fleets is a proven process that assures the wrap on vehicle #83 is applied with the same precision as the wrap on vehicle #1. It's all about quality and consistency in our vinyl decals, and we are a one-stop-shop for both.

As a leading supplier of vehicle wraps to the NASCAR industry, the extensive decal-application expertise we honed at the track makes us even more effective in the commercial vehicle wrap sector.

Make Your Message Heard

Vehicle wrapping, like custom truck wraps, allows you to advertise your business with cost-effective and attention-grabbing mobile billboards. Our custom graphics wraps are eye-catching, stand-out, and are sure to get noticed on the road. This kind of mobile advertising is just one of the visually stimulating marketing options that we offer.

For more than 20 years, we have been in the business of helping our clients with their advertisement needs. We know what it takes to provide you with a program that meets your needs. Our experience includes working with outdoor advertising options like boat graphics and custom trailer decals. Fleet Graphics also produces eye-catching indoor graphics that include wall and window graphics, featuring 3M Vinyl for long-lasting durability. We know how to use wrapping and film to make a perfect fit for your advertising and raise your company’s profile and visibility. 

Wrap advertising can be done with any kind of vehicle wrap, including truck wraps, boat wraps, van wraps or even trailer or bus wraps. The professional wrap installers in our design team know how to create effective advertising for any wrap type, and they get your message across vividly with maximum impact.

Do You Really Need A Vehicle Wrap?

If your company has a fleet, you are missing out on the opportunity to advertise your brand everywhere your fleet vehicles go. There are many industries that rely heavily on vehicles to provide their services. This includes delivery services, plumbers, electricians, towing companies, lawn care companies, mobile groomers, in-home healthcare providers, and many more. You may want to consider a vehicle wrap if your company:

  • Uses fleet vehicles, such as vans, trucks, or trailers
  • Lacks a physical location or store-front
  • Provides services in your customer’s homes.

Take your message mobile!



Get maximum impact for your brand by going bumper-to-bumper.



Promote your brand in a big way with this budget-minded approach.



Tag your fleet with a big logo and a splash of color.

Benefits of Wraps

Flexible and replaceable

Lower maintenance

Bold, creative designs

Cost-effective for newer vehicles

Consider these other advantages of partnering with The Decal Source for your fleet vehicle wrap projects:

The graphics we use are backed by the 3M five-year warranty.

We have advanced production techniques such as custom kitting and templating.

The Decal Source is a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company.

We can use your design or develop a design for you.

TDS has the ability to service fleets across the U.S.

We can customize an installation strategy to avoid costly downtime.

Promotional Brand-Awareness That You Can't Miss

When you are at a major event like a trade-show, advertising is key. The most effective marketing strategies target the types of customer base you want to draw in. Most companies typically offer some kind of free product with their company logos, like magnets, decal stickers, window decals, pens, tote bags, or promotional brochures, which may reach a good number of people. Still, vinyl wrapping on a semi-truck is something that no one will miss.

When you need vehicle advertising that will not quickly peel, bleach, fade from UV rays, or leave a sticky residue, our wrap design options allow you to design your fleet vehicles branding without the fear of degradation soon after purchase. Our goal is to maximize your cost per impression by utilizing the large advertising space on your company vans or trucks to boost brand identity.

When you choose The Decal Source to help you with your business advertising on your food-truck, box truck, or any other type of vehicle, we give you creative control of the final product. You get a say in all of the detailing in your wrap design, including what kind of custom decal you want, such as a partial wrap or full wrap.

We Can Wrap The Entire Vehicle Or Only Part Of It

When it comes to branding your fleet vehicles, you may want to utilize the whole vehicle to enhance your advertising efforts. On the other hand, you may be looking for a simple logo decal with your business phone number. Since all of our wraps and vinyl decals are made in-house by our graphic designers and installation technicians, the design possibilities are endless. To best meet your needs, we offer the following Fleet Wrapping Services:

Full Vehicle Wraps

To take full advantage of the advertising space your company van, truck, or semi-truck trailer has to offer, a full vehicle wrap is the way to go! Our complete vehicle wraps cover the entire vehicle seamlessly. With full-color designs you can maximize the visibility and effectiveness of your brand's message. Choosing to wrap your fleet vehicles from bumper to bumper also offers excellent protection helping the original paint of your vans or trucks last longer.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

For companies with tight budgets or simple branding aesthetics, a full car wrap may be over the top. No need to worry! Our team of professionals can work with any vehicle design demands. Our designers will create the partial wrap so that it blends flawlessly with the vehicle's original paint. Partial commercial vehicle wraps are economical, eye-catching, and another great way to protect the outside of the vehicle from rust. All of our vehicle wraps can be removed at any time, leaving no residue behind, allowing for changes if you decide to take your brand in a different direction. 

Vehicle Graphics and Decals

Sometimes all you need to spread awareness of your company is a logo and your contact information. For simpler designs, our designers can create graphics and decals that can be applied to the doors or back of the fleet van. You can also use our vinyl graphics to create signage that matches your fleet! Check out our Resources page for vinyl wrap templates, guides, and more!

Don't Settle For Less With Your Advertisement

Custom decals allow you to take control in creating a powerful impression with your existing clients and potential future clients. Our services grant you the opportunity to showcase your company and its brands while offering a compelling and exciting advertising strategy. Custom decals can be the promotional advantage you are looking for that will continue to pay for itself time and time again.

When you need an installer to manage your signage project professionally, choose someone that knows the ins and outs of custom signs to promote your corporate identity. As a leading decal sign company, The Decal Source is proud of our reputation of producing and adhering high-gloss wraps featuring a smooth surface without any sign of a wrinkle.

You can turn your truck into a billboard with custom vinyl wraps. Our office is in McLeansville, and we serve clients throughout North Carolina. For commercial-vehicle decals or anything else you are looking for in truck or car wrapping and custom decals, reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you spread the word about your business. 

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