Tough As Nails: Vinyl Graphics As Durable As Your Brand

Odds are, if this Toyota Highlander passed you on the interstate, you’d notice.

Do vehicles with vinyl graphics continually catch your eye around the Triad? The durability of vinyl is something we are asked about often. While there are many factors that come into play (the quality of the vinyl, the material on which it’s applied, the level of maintenance, etc.), they are almost always a cost-effective way to make a bold statement with your brand. The Decal Source uses 3M products, some of the highest quality vinyl on the market. And, as a leading supplier of graphics to NASCAR, we can testify that vinyl is tough enough for the rigors of the track and strong enough to represent your company with excellence.

Maximum brand impact

A strong brand is eye-catching, recognizable, and reinforced throughout the community. When you make significant investments in your company’s brand, you want them to last. Vehicle graphics are an optimal way to strengthen your brand with a material that is not only durable but completely customizable. The Decal Source can match your colors perfectly and create a design that is consistent with your message – because a consistent brand is a strong brand.

Other reasons to consider vinyl vehicle graphics:

They’re tough as nails.

The lasting performance of 3M graphics is unparalleled. As a 3M Certified graphics installation company, The Decal Source can guarantee the quality of your vehicle wrap for five years. If your fleet is kept in a garage, vinyl graphics could last 10 years or even longer. You can even continue to wash your vehicles regularly without worrying about the vinyl fading, peeling, or wearing down.

The design options are endless.

With opportunities to make so many impressions each day, your vehicle graphics should boldly display your brand. We can showcase your products, highlight your services and make sure your contact information is easily seen every time you hit the road.

They protect your vehicle.

With a vinyl vehicle wrap, your fleet will be protected from wear and tear for years to come. In spite of being incredibly durable, our graphics are easily removed, leaving your factory paint in mint condition.

They’re more cost-effective than paint.

When compared to a custom paint job, vinyl graphics are often a fraction of the cost. Even a vehicle with a custom wrap is less expensive and more impactful, giving you opportunities to make thousands of impressions each day.

Consider the Opportunities

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