Your Business in Bold: Making an Impact at Your Next Event

Attending a tradeshow or promotional event can be a big investment for your business. With the money, time, and energy spent preparing, you want to see results. But how do you plan for success? How do you make sure your booth is inviting enough to get customers in, and engaging enough to keep them there? The Decal Source specializes in helping companies prepare for events with wide format banners, signs, and other promotional materials. We provide custom designs, quality printing, and expert advice to ensure your booth makes a bold impact.

Here are four tips to consider for your next tradeshow.

Address the Problem

It doesn’t matter how cool your design is; if it doesn’t address the prospective client’s problem, it won’t draw them in. Content is just as important as design when it comes to your tradeshow display. Be sure to know your audience; take the time to understand their needs and anticipate the questions they want answered, then utilize the space on your banner to address those questions. After we get your message right, we can move into design and even assist with your banner install. Our installation services ensure every banner is built to last and reflect your company in a high-impact way.

Think Outside the Banner

Banners are considered necessities for tradeshows and other events, but there are many other products available to make your booth stand out. If you have a well-designed banner, consider adding some other flair to the mix. Businesses we work with have taken their event presence to the next level with:

  • Fabric backdrops
  • Tents
  • Table skirts
  • Mesh banners
  • Interchangeable cassette banner systems
  • Life-size standees
  • Vehicle and trailer wraps
  • Custom decals and graphics

Give an Incentive

Promotional products, giveaways, and prizes are excellent tools for bringing people your way. A study found that 58 percent of people keep promo products for one to four years, meaning that your brand will be visible long after the event is over. Our team can help you find a product that fits your budget and is worth holding onto, putting your name into the hands of prospective clients and creating a fun opportunity to generate leads.

Create the Next Step

Are people visiting your table at events, but leaving without taking any action? It’s time you help them take the next step. Invite them to check out your blog, visit your showroom, or call a representative for in-depth info. It always helps to give guests something that clearly states your web address and contact info. TDS designs and produces several products that serve this purpose. Furthermore, consider having a few tablets or laptops at your booth, making it easy for visitors to browse images and videos, or sign up for your newsletter.

Make them Remember Your Booth

A blend of creativity, innovation, and exceptional customer service is required for a successful event. The Decal Source can help you think through the best approach for your company. From NASCAR to small businesses, we develop a deep knowledge of our client’s goals, which helps us produce the most effective promotional materials. Let us help you make a bold impact at your next event.

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