A Thousand Ways to Skin a Truck: The Transformative Power of Vehicle Wraps

Your trucks are always in motion. Whether being driven for personal or business tasks, basic paint color is rarely noticed. And no matter what the color choice, a plain vehicle can’t do much to help your business. But what if we told you there was a way to achieve double duty – to make your fleet more visually appealing while generating leads? Commercial vehicle wraps are a cost-effective way to make the most of your mileage and give your fleet a facelift. The design options are truly endless.

Choose Your Wrap

Staying within budget is a priority for your fleet graphics project. Before we start designing, we provide an overview of the size options that will impact your spending. Full vehicle wraps are sure to turn heads on the highway, but a half or quarter truck wrap can save you money. Here’s a breakdown of cost expectations:

  • Full wrap: A high-impact, bumper-to-bumper design – $2,500-3,000
  • Half wrap: A budget-minded approach with big impact – $1,200-2,000
  • Quarter wrap: A splash of color to highlight your brand – $800-1,200
  • Door decal: A logo prominently displayed – $300-500

Design Your Trucks

There are literally a thousand (or more) ways to skin your truck. Provide your colors, fonts, logos, and images to create a custom design, or choose from one of our templates. We have hundreds of colors and several unique finishes to choose from. Some companies choose to highlight their products and services, while others simply want their name displayed in an eye-catching way. Regardless of the message, vehicle graphics strengthen your brand, unify your fleet, and encourage prospective clients to reach out to you.

Get New Skin

Aging vehicles can reflect poorly on a business. Vehicle wraps give your trucks brand new skin, masking any minor dings, scratches, rust, or other unsightly signs of wear. Our team of certified PDAA installers will apply at your location or in our climate-controlled facility. Installation can make or break your vehicle wrap project, so it is important to find a graphics partner with experience and a commitment to using high-quality 3M materials.

Enjoy the Perks

Car wraps double as a paint protection film (PPF) and help you maintain resale value on newer vehicles. After your truck wraps are installed, you will see increased name recognition in your travel area. Depending on your city, a single vehicle wrap can generate 30,000-70,000 impressions each day — much like a rolling billboard for your company! If you are interested in learning more about the ROI you can expect, check out our infographic.

Get Started Now

At best, your fleet of white trucks is getting you from point A to point B. With custom vehicle wraps, you can truly realize the value of your fleet. Not only will your trucks have an improved and unified look, but you’ll be connecting with potential customers in a cost-effective way. Tell us about your project today. Our decal wrap financing makes your project affordable, and we even work with dealer financing to provide turn-key solutions for new vehicles.

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