Gym Wall Vinyl Graphics a Game Changer for Elon University

When you walk into an Elon sporting event, you can immediately feel the pride. The players, cheering students, and loyal fans fill the stadium with an enthusiasm that shows visiting teams just what it means to be a Phoenix. But as the entire campus was undergoing a brand revamp, the athletics department noticed one problem: the gymnasium itself was poorly branded and paled in comparison to the atmosphere created by the school community. They called on The Decal Source to address the issue.

Scoping Out the Interior Vinyl Wall Graphics Job

After seeing the gym, our team quickly realized what they meant. They had an abundance of white space and numerous opportunities to amplify their athletic brand from floor to ceiling. After putting our heads together with the athletics department, we decided that large, textured wall graphics would be just the ticket. The gym walls were already painted with semi-gloss paint which is an ideal finish for graphic adhesion. It was time to get to work on the designs.

Pride By Design

Elon provided our design team with their athletic logos and we worked up multiple designs for their approval. Each design had a different application of the logo and unique text. We offered them the option of a full-wall wrap or multiple large decals. Our lead designer took into account the scale of the gymnasium walls and sized the graphics accordingly. It is important to maintain the standard viewing distance with large graphics – if too small, you can’t see them from afar, and if too big, the message is difficult to see up close. After working with the athletics department to create a design that fully reflected the spirit of the university, we produced the graphics using high-quality 3M materials on our large-format printer.

Bringing it to Life

The enduring quality of our materials is tied directly to proper preparation and installation. Working 20 feet off the ground, our crew installed the massive graphics from a scissor lift, applying utmost precision high above the basketball court. Using 3M’s rigorous installation method, our team removed any contaminants to prepare the surface for maximum adhesion. Since the wall decals were so big, we had to tile the image into two equal pieces. The finished product was a stunning image backed by the industry-leading 3M warranty.

The Big Reveal

The athletics department at Elon couldn’t have been more excited when they saw the finished project. Not only did it create an environment that exemplified Phoenix pride, but it helped fulfill the schoolwide campus branding initiative. In a week’s time, the gym had gone from boring and drab to branded and bold. When students return to Elon and sporting events begin, the gym will undoubtedly be a more exciting place to be.

Discover The Benefits

Surface graphics can be applied on walls, floors, and ceilings, and are a great way to increase brand awareness and provide valuable messaging. They are very affordable and require a minimum time to design, produce, and install. Many organizations like to put their mission statements on a wall or a special quote that speaks to the organization’s culture or goals. As was the case with Elon, graphics provide a way to take blank space and transform it, fostering a sense of community and pride. Further, 3M decals are easily changeable, giving organizations the ability to deliver campaign-oriented messages. If wall graphics sound like a good option for your business, school, or organization, tell us about your project or call us at (336) 574-3141.

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